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Optimisation is fun. Achieving peak performance is addictive. But first, you need to build a solid base. It’s cliche but you can’t build an epic skyscraper without spending a lot of time and effort on the foundations. But once they are in place, the sky is your limit.

Use Science and Technology To Get To The Next Level.

(there are multiple domains to optimisation)

Core principle

Don’t Forget the basics.

You can easily get into the top 1% by hitting the basics consistently. What differentiates the elite from everyone else is not weird and wonderful tech or ‘secret technique – more often than not, it’s CONSISTENT APPLICATION OF CORE PRINCIPLES LONG ENOUGH FOR THE EFFECT TO COMPOUND.

Biohacking and Supplementation

Shortcuts don’t work.

I don’t like the word ‘hacking’ as it suggests a short cut (which don’t tend to work) but if we can use science to improve our performance and lives whether this is through supplementation or biohacking then I am all in. The key here is again not to miss the wood for the trees and remember the basics.

Training and performance

Getting better has widespread consequences.

Building muscle and performing at a high level is a marriage of science and art. The benefits of levelling up in this domain ascend beyond merely ‘being stronger’ or ‘running faster’ and have a widespread impact across your whole life.

Tech, gadgets & wearables

Harness the exponential growth of technology.

As technology improves at break-neck speed it would be foolish to NOT take full advantage and gain the edge. Whether we’re talking about wearables for tracking biometrics or improving performance or gadgets that make your life easier, tech is a fast expanding area with huge potential.