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There is too much noise and not enough science.

In the age of internet, the issue isn’t lack of information or knowledge, rather it’s TOO much noise meaning you have to wade through countless conflicting viewpoints. This lack of clarity causes analysis paralysis and the result is that nothing happens. It’s time to change that by following the data-driven results backed by science.

How to build lifelong health while winning at life.

(it’s not a zero sum game).

Mindset Shift

Stop thinking of health as being restrictive.

Extremes are sexy. Extremes sell. However, they are not conducive to a healthy, happy balanced life. What if I told you, you could be healthy and in shape while eating the foods you enjoy, travelling, making money and generally living the life of your dreams. Health is not a zero-sum game.


Be honest with yourself.

If you’ve tried diets in the past you’ll know they’ve failed. Yet you keep going back to them (and keep failing). Health requires a bottom-up approach where you really get a handle on what works FOR YOU and not just following an arbitrary rule being pushed at the moment by a random influencer.

Consistency is Key

Create sustainable goals.

Losing 30lbs in a week is not sustainable. Sexy and great marketing but not real OR realistic. Better than you do it once, do it right and never need to do it again than keep yo-yoing and digging yourself deeper into a hole.

Build a Foundation

Look beyond health and toward happiness.

Health is just a single piece of the puzzle. If you become ripped but are unhappy then you’ve missed the point. Losing 10lbs but hating every second is not the way. Health should be the foundation of happiness and in turn happiness is a key part of optimal health.