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When you come down to it, happiness is what we are all after, this means different things to different people but without a foundation of health, money and the freedom to enjoy it you’ll struggle to achieve it in the world we live in.

How to find REAL happiness through balance.

Make Choices

Choose what you want from life.
(Set Goals)

Without goals you’ll find it hard to focus and without focus you’re unlikely to end up where you want to go. Goals are arbitrary by definition but required for success.

Fund it

Figure out how to get it.
((Make Money, Play The Game)

Money is not the be-all and end all but it does facilitate freedom and allows you to pursue the experiences that make life amazing. And as for problems, if a problem can be solved by money then you have no problem.

Value Your Time

Do the work and be ruthless with your time. (Essentialism + Productivity = Winning)

The paradox is that we want to be MORE productive and do more while not wasting time on doing it for the sake of it. Identify the important things worth doing and focus on those. Everything else can go.

Create Happiness

Beaches, Abs and Wealth won’t buy happiness, so what will? (Do the Inner Work)

Money won’t buy happiness. Getting shredded won’t make you happy. You have to do the inner work. Journalling, meditation, reading books, sharing experiences and building relationships all contribute to happiness.