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Finding Balance In Health, Work & Life Is a Journey.

It’s very easy to put health on the back burner in our pursuit of wealth, status or experiences. What I’ve found is that prioritising my health didn’t take away from other major life domains but actually enhanced them. I truly believe that we can excel across the board by approaching it in a logical manner and building a foundation of long term, sustainable habits.

It Started With a Passion for Learning About Health, Performance, and Science.

Despite completing his medical degree and bachelor’s in exercise science (Cardiff University 2005-2011), Dr. Emil realized that working 80 hour weeks in a broken system was not the dream job he had anticipated growing up. The status and money associated with being a medical doctor weren’t bringing happiness.

He knew his current path wasn’t sustainable and something had to change.

Becoming a Strongman & Men's Physique Competitor

Initially Dr. Emil occupied himself by researching and experimenting with ways to optimize his health and fitness. He tested different diets and workout routines that pushed the limits of his own body.

This led him to compete as a strongman at a national level which brought it’s own challenges and Dr. Emil ended up being classified as morbidly obese due to the diet he had been following to compete at that level. This scare started him learning about nutrition and after losing the excess body fat he decided to explore his area of performance further and started to compete as a body builder, taking his body to the opposite extreme of single figure body fat.

Finding Balance & Sustainable Habits

During this period, Dr. Emil became well versed in the fitness ‘gurus’, and the obsessive diet communities. As a medical doctor, he saw most of these programs are unrealistic and highly restrictive based on marketing rather than good science and sustainability.

After the extremes of both strongman and bodybuilding, Dr. Emil started to focus on finding a long-term solution and method to balance health as well as his pursuit of personal growth and freedom.

Flexibility, mindfulness, and most of all, a sense of enjoyment, were the defining cornerstones of his health plan.

Building Enough Momentum to Break Free

Dr. Emil eventually left full time medicine and started to coach individuals using everything he had learnt over the years as a doctor, sports scientist, personal trainer and competition.

Dr. Emil Started His Entrepreneurial Journey Toward True Freedom.

During this time a few key events caused him to take a quantum leap into entrepreneurship. He started to travel, speak at and attend events all over the world. Dr. Emil Nutrition, a supplement company, was launched at the end of 2018 and the seeds for his academy were sown at the beginning of 2019.

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He Learned That Truly Winning at Life Lies in Balance.

Traveling the world, being involved in multiple businesses and enjoying life meant that Dr. Emil REALLY needed to practice what he preached. This is when he really started to refine The Health Evolved Method™, figuring out how to ‘have it all’ and balance all the important things in life.

Now, Dr. Emil Helps Entrepreneurs & High Performers Achieve Health & Happiness.

This knowledge and experience turning into the Health Evolved Academy where high-performers and entrepreneurs receive bespoke 1 on 1 guidance and support on achieving optimal health while balancing, businesses, travel and family. What they thought was impossible was now within their grasp.

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