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Consistency > Perfection

Consistency is better than perfection. Sustainability is better than speed (but you can also have both). In fact perfection is not a reasonable thing to pursue, eradicate it from your mind. We’re aiming for progress. We’re aiming for ‘good enough’ and then we can build from there.


Protein and Vegetables

Protein and vegetables should be applied liberally to your diet. Just by ADDING these to your diet (with zero other ‘rules’ or ‘restrictions’) you’ll be significantly improving the quality of your diet.


No Foods Are Banned

You can’t take food in isolation and say this is good or bad. It has to be taken in the context of your whole diet. A chocolate bar may bring your joy. A takeaway may be a bonding experience with your family or friends. And if you’re still managing weight and getting all of the nutrition you need then who’s to say that they are bad?


As Humans We Move...

Regular movement is essential for health. It is not for burning calories. Firstly, this means that you need to figure out how to move each day whether this is exercise or just walking more. Secondly, movement is for health


...But It Doesn’t Matter How

If you don’t like running, you don’t need to run (likewise for gym, classes or any other single form of exercise.


Stop and Enjoy Food

If you want to eat pizza or ice cream then eat it (see rule 4). But if the goal is enjoyment then ENJOY IT! Sit, be present, take your time and savour it. Don’t mindlessly inhale it over Facebook or Netflix or wolf it down as if someone is going to take it away from you.


Start With The Fundamentals

Food quality is important but energy balance is fundamental. If you’re not controlling energy balance (i.e. calorie intake) then you’re missing the wood for the trees. There are a lot of other important factors and all of these can be applied on top.


Be Patient. Don’t Give Up.

This takes time. You are possibly reversing a lifetime of bad habits. If you’re making progress or improving then you don’t need change anything. Just keep going. Likewise if you slip up, learn from it and keep going!


Reassess Your Mindset.

Looking for a quick fix or “hack” is not a long term solution and often than not will not work. If you’re looking for hacks you need to reassess your approach and realise this will take time and needs to be done properly. Ideally once and for all!


Identity is Everything.

If identity shift is not part of the process you will fail. If you remain the old you, you will fail. You want to become the person who lives the lifestyle required to achieve the goals that you want to achieve. If your plan doesn’t address identity shift or what you’re supposed to do once you reach your goal… you need a new plan.