Hello and welcome. My name is Emil and I am a fitness professional, medical doctor, writer and speaker.


I’ve always been interesting in health and wellness and this led me to pursue a career as medical doctor. Alongside this, I have always been keen on fitness and worked in a gym throughout university and played sport most of my life.

I enjoyed working within medicine for a number of years but never felt like it was enough and one morning in 2015 I decided that I could do more.

What I was seeing day to day was that most of the issues we were dealing with as healthcare professionals were caused by poor lifestyle choices and although we were fixing issues, a lot of the time they shouldn’t have become issues in the first place.

What I also saw was that once an individual was back to normal-ish, that was it.

I was very keen on 1) preventing these issues caused by poor lifestyle 2) Going beyond ‘normal’ and actually taking health and longevity to it’s limits.

This was at a time where I myself was overweight. I was in my mid 20s and competing as a strongman. I was weighing in at 142kg at 194cm (22.5 stone or 313lbs at 6 ft 4) and was short of breath walking up hills. 

I also had back and knee pain due to injuries and weight and was starting to show signs of more serous health issues including high blood pressure and some early signs of possible diabetes.

This shook me and led me on a health and experimentation mission which has taken me through keto, low carb and carb cycling, veganism, paleo and bodybuilding and sports including rugby and mixed martial arts and as already mentioned strongman and bodybuilding.

My current focus is on health above everything else while remaining strong, aesthetic and mobile. I use a combination of resistance training, calisthenics, blood testing, barefoot running, mobility work and optimised nutrition and supplementation to operate at peak performance in my day to day life.

Alongside this I am constantly travelling and experimenting in an ongoing process of self development and I don’t see this stopping any time soon.

This information and experience is applied to my clients allowing them to go from any starting point to being able to fully manage and optimise their nutrition and lifestyle towards their goals.



My goal is to optimise health and to help people live longer, fitter, better lives.