I’m biased. There I’ve said it. I love to exercise (and weight training in particular) and I think you should too.

Now, let me be straight, you don’t HAVE to exercise to lose weight (it’s true what they say) however, physical activity is an essential part of a long, happy and healthy life.

These benefits go waaaay beyond just health (see point 5 for ALL the health benefits) and in this post I’ll give you a round-up of why I think exercise is essential for all entrepreneurs (and will help you improve your business too).

My 5 Top Reasons You Should Be Exercising:

1. I get all my good ideas in the gym. When you relax and stop focussing on a problem, your subconscious takes over and gets to work on it, making connections and doing what it does best. This is why people get ideas in nature or while in the shower. For me, it’s in the gym. I inevitably annoy my training partner when I rush to finish an exercise just so I can write an idea down in my notes app on my phone.

2. Training in the gym or exercise of any type makes you get used to being uncomfortable. You literally show up, work hard and move out of your comfort zone. This is where the magic happens. This is an essential skill in business. You’re never going to succeed staying within safety. You need to push yourself and take it to the next level to succeed. Whether it’s doing sales calls, crunching the numbers or hiring, if it makes you uncomfortable you should probably do more of it.

3. Gym training requires patience and perseverance. You need to keep going to see results, even when you don’t feel like it. You need to go even when you’re busy. You need to go when you’re tired. You may not see anything change for many months but you keep going. You keep doing it because you love it and because the alternative is not an option. You know that the discipline here is buying your freedom. In your business, this freedom is control of your time and wealth. In exercise, this freedom is health – the health to enjoy your wealth and time. To spend time with your family. To be able to enjoy activities and experiences. This is what you are working towards.

4. You start to enjoy tracking data. In exercise, this may be running times, weights lifted or miles covered. In nutrition, this may be calories or protein intake or even blood markers and hydration. Get used to it, because this is what it takes to get to the next level and you know what? It gets fun. It gets addictive. You try to beat your scores going forward. Treat your business data in the same way. Use it to drive you on. To help you strategize. This is how you build and grow.

5. Finally, to bundle all the health benefits into one point – you’ll sleep better, stronger bones and muscles (especially as you age), you’re happier and better mental wellbeing, healthier heart, blood sugar control and if you train properly and don’t get injured then you will improve movement patterns and reduce neck and back pain AND have better posture.


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