It was just this year after I sold my business that I let myself go for a few months and I went from 130lbs to over 140lbs.

Freddy is an online business owner who gained over 10lb after selling his business in 2019.


The heavy travel and conference schedule took its toll and this created the perfect storm for the weight gain.


Freddy was training in the gym on a regular basis regardless and he had dropped a significant weight in the past on his own but he had lost a lot of muscle and had been driven insane by the process.

We met in late 2019 at an event in Thailand and after talking about how to do it in a more effective way he took me on as his coach and the journey began.

Given his past attempts, he knew he could do it on his own but he wanted to do it more quickly and learn how to sustain it long term despite travel and the nomad lifestyle.

He had tried other coaches but hadn’t connected with them finding that they were either overcomplicating it or not providing enough support and structure.

I knew that if I tried to lose weight on my own... it would have taken 9 months. I would have lost 2lbs a month instead of 2lbs a week.

Freddy crushed it and dropped around 20lbs in around 2 and a half months, getting leaner than he had in the past following the keto diet but with much less stress and restriction. He sustained a lot more muscle with his strength maintained throughout the process too.

The results speak for themselves...

His biggest concerns were that it would be restrictive or sap his energy as this is what had happened previously but he found it very straight forward and his energy actually increased over the process (a lot of shitty food will do that for sure).

He went from over 143lb at his highest just before we started to a low of 122lb. All of this despite while travelling and eating out on a regular basis.


During the time he navigated anything and everything a busy successful guy could come up against including a last-minute trip home from Mexico to the US, a tasting menu at a Michelin starred restaurant and multiple bouts of illness. Despite all of this averaged around 2lb a week.

Overall, he totally crushed it and we’re now moving on to maintenance while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and what is looking to be a busy travel schedule once borders reopen again.


We'll then look to further optimise and evolve by moving into a muscle gain phase along with energy optimization through sleep and blood work evaluation.

Chris runs a successful SaaS company and dropped 20lb of fat while gaining muscle.


Check out his story below.

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