This is going to be tough.

This was the first thought I had after getting off a call with Alex Huditan.


He wanted to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time.


Now this is tough at the best of times. A finely balanced process requiring commitment and precision.


Not only that, he wanted to do it while travelling the world and running his business from Bali which meant staying up most of the night and sleeping most of the day.


This crazy lifestyle had made progress difficult up until this point and lack of clarity and structure had significantly slowed his efforts.


He didn’t want to compromise on the lifestyle he loved but he still wanted to look like Hugh Jackman.


He was basically nocturnal and tended to eat most of his food in a single meal in the evening. He would rock up to a restaurant and pretty much order one of everything (I wish I was joking).

This made tracking his intake nigh on impossible and we had to make everything as flexible as possible to take into account his travel.


Through the weekly coaching calls, we worked on the basic principles, slowly optimised his diet and he learnt everything he needed.

And within 3 months he had totally transformed...

Alex was super driven and just needed a bit of guidance to kick start his journey and point him in the right direction. We worked on protein intake, meal timing, food choices, supplementation and a gym workout tailored to his lifestyle and once he had incorporated the principles he was off.


As with all my clients, my goal is never to crash diet just for a ‘before and after’.


I always aim to instil sustainability into their lifestyle transformation and Alex was no exception. So with that in mind, it was a huge pleasure to catch up with him over a year later in Spain and see that Alex had done exactly that and more. He was implementing what I had shown him and refined it and built upon it, integrating it further to his lifestyle.

This shot was from October 2019. We had initially worked together in early 2018. He was looking awesome and we took the opportunity to have a shot taken together.

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