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I’ve thought long and hard about what I want to achieve in life and why.


In short, I have no fucking idea.


However, I do know what annoys and frustrates me and in lieu of anything positive I figured I’d start here.


When I started medicine, like many other junior doctors, I naively thought we healed people. How wrong I was.


To be fair, in anaesthesiology we put people to sleep for often lifesaving procedures. This was awesome

(I heart pharmacology). Then when I worked in the ER, we often helped people who were hit by cars or had broken their arms. Again, modern medicine kicks ass in this regard.


However, now and again, we would have to deal with people who suffered from lifestyle-related illness (cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc.). We seemed to be putting band-aids on the issue and not actually fixing anything.


People who have a heart attack, given a bag full of pills, some rudimentary lifestyle advice and sent on their way.


This, alongside the failings of the system in general (too much to go into here), meant that I wanted out.


I started to coach people in nutrition and began changing people's lives.


It finally felt like I was really making a difference but it just didn’t scale and any methods I’d seen to attempt this had a huge drop off in adherence and success (think writing a book or group coaching). I’ve nothing against these methods and have partaken in them in the past but this wasn’t the route I wanted to go down right now.


At around this time, I was taken by the entrepreneur world and realised that there was a small group of people making a huge impact in the world. I figured by helping these people so deeply that I truly changed their lives, I could, through them, elicit change on a much greater scale.


So from there, my mission slowly formed.


I wanted to coach entrepreneurs and help them create more impact through the optimisation of their health. This meant they would be more productive, happier, more focussed and live longer and be able to create more positive change in the world.


In light of this, I set about scaling and growing my company while still maintaining the highly premium 121 services geared exclusively to entrepreneurs and the unique lifestyles they live by.


I will not compromise on this.


To help 10,000 high impact individuals fulfil their potential by optimising their physical and mental health using the most advanced techniques and technologies to become all-around complete human beings, allowing them to create a bigger impact in the world.

A secondary effect of this will be the creation of a network of humans who can bounce ideas off each other and join in partnerships to multiply the potential all with the commonality of health and wellness -watch this space.

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