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Show Notes

Emil talks about his client, Jack, a successful entrepreneur, who has a product business that he built up to run pretty much on autopilot. He had a lot more time on his hands and he analysed his priorities and realised that health was something he wanted to work on.

That’s when we reached out to Emil. They started working together and it became clear very quickly that Jack didn’t want to do the activities to achieve the outcomes he wanted.

Emil talks us through the whole story and how worked with Jack on this.



0:00:23 I want the results, but I don’t want to work for it
0:04:06 The start of a new journey
0:10:40 Mindful Eating
0:22:14 Something interesting happened
0:22:40 Main Takeaways

Find Out About:

  • How to get the results you want while still enjoying the best things in life.
  • Change your mindset and your behaviour towards health
  • Learn what maintenance is, how to do it, and incorporate all the things you enjoy in life
  • Optimise it for enjoyment while progressing towards your goal and build the lifestyle you want


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