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Life is amazing and my goal is to live it to the full. Not only do I want to live a long and healthy life but I also want to live it fully and entirely in the present while constantly striving for more.

This pursuit of personal excellence and optimisation has lead me from graduating and working as a medical doctor to competing and winning as a strongman and then bodybuilder and eventually running multiple businesses, travelling and speaking all over the world.


Health and fitness has been a part of my life since deciding to study medicine at 16 years old but even before then I was heavily involved in sports including rugby and callisthenics. In university, I worked in a gym and coached hundreds of individuals, I wrote a book on “High-intensity functional training” which is available on Amazon and I totally immersed myself in the fitness experience experimenting on myself with various diets and training protocols, the benefits of which I could pass onto my clients.

My Story

Although I was always into sport and health, I wasn’t always healthy myself. In my early 20s, while still at university I competing as a strongman which led me to gain weight in the pursuit of more strength.


This all came to a head at nearly 320lb in body and although I was strong as an ox, I got short of breath going up stairs and had some early signs of diabetes and my blood pressure was through the roof.

That was enough for me. 


My goal switched from strength to longevity and health and without really knowing what I was doing I dieted down through sheer will power and pigheadedness, losing nearly 100lbs in the process making every mistake in the book along the way.

I knew the way I had done it wasn’t optimal, so I continued to study and learn and found a huge issue with what I was seeing. A lot of the official literature had no practical application and a lot of the information coming from social media and coaches was full of anecdotes and what we called “Bro Science”.


This led me to experiment on myself and pursue to extremes of body composition, just to discover exactly what worked and what didn’t so I could carry it over to my clients.


I got lean and ended up competing and winning a number of bodybuilding shows.

I also trialled veganism and assessed its effect on muscle and vitamin levels via tracking and blood tests then a year later I experimented with the ketogenic diet, again with blood testing and a blood ketone meter to see if I could dispel the myths abounding about these ways of life.

This has all lead to my current approach which is inspired by science but very much embedded in real-life practical application.


What’s more, I practice what I preach, staying in shape while travelling the world and working and continually experimenting further to explore the peaks of human performance.

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My Core Principals

Health is the keystone for all other parts of winning at life. You can’t focus on it down the line. If it’s not improving then it is deteriorating.

Discipline brings freedom. Discipline in health brings freedom in life.

Never stop learning. Life is all about continuous improvement. Learn the skills you need to be able to master health.

Take massive, deliberate, focussed action. You need to own your health. You need to take personal responsibility for it and make the moves needed to get it under control.

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