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Stephen Box is the expert coach in fat-loss transformations and muscle gain at Goliath Coaching.


Stephen has over 10 years of experience in the industry and has coached 100's of guys to look and feel their best.

Stephen has been featured in Muscle & Fitness as a cover model, published a number of evidence-based studies, and has spoken at a number of the industry's top events due to his expertise.


Emil is the CEO and Founder of Goliath Coaching.


After working within the UK health system, he realised that modern healthcare was putting band-aids on lifestyle-related health issues which caused him to start his coaching in 2015.


Emil focuses his time on speaking, writing and works with ambitious entrepreneurs all over the globe who want to optimise their health and achieve their goals.


Effie is the COO and Registered Nutritionist at Goliath Coaching.


Effie has over four years of experience working with high-achieving women and helps them take ownership of their health, lose weight and build their confidence.


Effie travels the world, stretching health and lifestyle to its limits, whilst attending and speaking at events about how to optimise your environment for success in health and business.

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Ben Brandes - owner of multiple eCommerce brands

Phil - founder of Coffee Gator

Chris - founder of SaaS company, Snappa

Michael Banna - partner at General Practice Surgery

Disclaimer 1: These are all real people. None of them were compensated for their review. The only difference between them and you is that they committed to change and took massive action towards it.


Disclaimer 2: These guys worked SUPER hard, invested in themselves and overcame personal challenges to succeed. As humans, we vary and as such, your results may vary but I’d love to see you here too.


Ben Brandes - owner of multiple eCommerce brands

Dan Hearne - property investor and eCommerce entrepreneur

Alex Huditan - eCommerce and founder of the Enlightened Millionaires

Chris Gimmer - founder of SaaS company, Snappa

Joe Hearne - property investor and eCommerce entrepreneur

Phil - founder of Coffee Gator

Simon Hurst - owner of multiple eCommerce brands

Andrew Steven - founder of High Voltage SEO Agency

Pablo Della - eCommerce Business Owner

5 frogs are sitting on a lily pad. One decides to jump. How many frogs remain on the lily pad?


You’d think 4 right?




There are still 5.


There is a HUGE difference between DECIDING to do something and ACTUALLY IMPLEMENTING IT.

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