Guiding You Through The "Health Evolved" Methodology

The "Health Evolved" Method has been developed and refined over 15 years in the fitness industry, endless experimentation and research and 1000s of client hours.

The goal is to get results for you alongside your lifestyle and not in spite of it. During your coaching, you will be guided through 3 distinct phases with your coach.

Develop your personal “Health Evolved Blueprint”

for success.

Phase One

“Optimize your Blueprint” for YOUR lifestyle to reach your goal.

Phase Two

Re-integrate into normal life and “Choose Your Evolution”.

Phase Three

The goal of this whole process is to figure out your personal starting point, guide you to your goal effortlessly around your unique lifestyle and then ensure that you can maintain your progress long term despite what life throws at you.


Here is a top level run down of the 3 phases that you’ll go through on your journey:

Phase One: Develop Your Personal Health Evolved Blueprint

This is your personal blueprint for success. We define the physiological parameters that you need to adhere to, to achieve your goals.

This is made up of 2 parts; ASSESS and ESTABLISH.

Everyone is unique. We need to figure out where you’re at right now and where you are headed (i.e. what you’re doing already and what your goal is).




Through data collection, analysis and weekly adjustments, we can figure out what works for YOU, while living YOUR lifestyle. Here we collect raw data which you can fall back on at any time. We aim to refine this in Phase 2.

Step 1 [Week 0]: ASSESS

Step 2 [~Week 1-4]: ESTABLISH

Phase Two: Optimize Your Blueprint For Your Lifestyle

This is where we take the raw data and optimize it so it’s easy to stick to while ensuring ongoing progress.

We call the next 2 steps ‘EFFORTLESS’ and ‘RESILIENCE’.

We now start to tune the raw data that we have collected and optimize various factors to minimise hunger and maximise energy levels and productivity. We usually see huge gains from the offset and tweaking here is ongoing as we seek further improvement and your lifestyle changes.

Step 3 [~Week 5 onwards]: EFFORTLESS

We adapt both your physiological blueprint and the optimisations that we know work for you to different scenarios. This includes anything you will come up against in real life, for example, travel, vacations, social events, business dinners - in fact anything that you do that is a break from routine.

Step 4 [Throughout]: RESILIENCE

Phase Three: The Evolution

Once you’ve reached your individual endpoint, we teach you how to maintain and you choose your next steps in your journey. The 2 steps are NORMALIZATION & EVOLUTION.

This is the bit no one teaches - how to go back to normal living after a dieting phase. Everyone has achieved weight loss, most rebound. Very few maintain it and go on to improve further. This is a delicate process in itself.

Step 5 [Once You Reach Your Goal]: NORMALIZATION

Now that you’ve hit your goal and have discovered a new passion for life, it’s time to plan the next step. This may simply be removing the training wheels that you used during the weight loss phase (i.e. tracking your food intake) or you may wish to double down on muscle gain or a performance goal. 

Step 6 [Once You Are Normalized]: EVOLUTION

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