For Entrepreneurs Looking To Take Their Health To The Next Level

Alongside Business, Travel, and Life Once and For All


The Health Evolved Academy is a premium coaching programme combining 1-1 accountability, personalized nutrition, and progressive exercise tailored to you. 


Under the guidance of Dr. Emil and our hand-picked expert coaches, you are given everything you need to achieve your goals whilst enjoying life without limitations using our proven Health Evolved Method™️, designed specifically for busy business owners.


The Health Evolved Method™️

The Health Evolved Academy takes a totally comprehensive and individual approach that comes to meet you where you are in your journey and guides you down the unique path to your goal.


My team of experts and I will guide you step by step through the process, via weekly 1-1 accountability calls, group masterminds, tailored mobility sessions, and a supportive community.


Together we will build your perfect exercise plan, create a flexible and personalized nutrition protocol, and reprogramme your identity so you

start doing the things you should be doing automatically without

thought or effort. 

We screen applications and limit numbers to ensure a premium

experience and we take our community very seriously.

To apply, please book a call to be considered for a place.


Dan Forbes

Head Coach

A strength and conditioning coach and expert in nutrition, Dan has supported elite sports teams, been a featured expert in Men's Fitness and helped hundreds of people reach their goals.

Dan uses his twenty years of coaching experience to take time-tested principles to help individuals take back control of the way they look and feel.

Dr. Emil Goliath

Medical Doctor

Dr. Emil is a medical doctor and nutrition expert focussing on behaviour change, health and mindset shift and oversees the whole programme.


He travels the world speaking at events and constantly refining the Health Evolved Method to make it the best it can be.

Tom Morgan

Mobility Expert

Tom is our resident mobility and movement expert. He focuses on reversing the damage caused by the sedentary modern lifestyle.

He works to improve posture, loosen tight hips and improve the pain caused by hunched shoulders that are almost universal amongst business owners and online entrepreneurs.


Joe Hearne - property investor and eCommerce entrepreneur

Dan Hearne - property investor and eCommerce entrepreneur

Phil - founder of Coffee Gator

Alex Huditan - eCommerce and founder of the Enlightened Millionaires

Freddy Lansky - Recent Exit & Founder of Points Panda

Simon Hurst - owner of multiple eCommerce brands

Andrew Steven - founder of High Voltage SEO Agency

Pablo Della - eCommerce Business Owner

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