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Dr Emil's Diet Diagnostic gives you a personalised summary of your diet and lifestyle and an action plan delivered personally by Dr Emil showing you exactly where you can make the changes to create the biggest positive impact to your life.


Ben Brandes - owner of multiple eCommerce brands

Dan Hearne - property investor and eCommerce entrepreneur

Alex Huditan - eCommerce and founder of the Enlightened Millionaires

Chris Gimmer - founder of SaaS company, Snappa

Joe Hearne - property investor and eCommerce entrepreneur

Phil - founder of Coffee Gator

Simon Hurst - owner of multiple eCommerce brands

Andrew Steven - founder of High Voltage SEO Agency

Pablo Della - eCommerce Business Owner



This community is for individuals who want to get to the next level and are curious to explore the cutting edge of science and technology to achieve this.


The fundamentals of sleep, nutrition, exercise and stress control still apply so this will always form the foundation but this group is all about evolving beyond that and creating deep impact in the wider world.


My name is Emil and I am a medical doctor and health coach. I left full-time medicine in 2015 to pursue a career in nutrition and lifestyle coaching as I figured I could have a greater impact on more people than I could as a doctor.


This may seem a bold claim but what I was seeing was that we were treating a lot of lifestyle-related conditions with drugs when I knew for a fact they could be prevented and improved through lifestyle alone.


Now there is nothing wrong with modern medicine for certain things but we need to flip this back round, take control of our own lives and optimise our health and lifestyle before we get caught up in the negative spiral that is a chronic disease.

I had my health scare when I was 24. I was 320lb but because I exercised, I thought I was healthy. It didn’t occur to me that getting out of breath walking up the stairs wasn’t normal. My blood pressure was over 160 systolic and I had protein in my urine.


I was quite possibly borderline diabetic and this was enough to scare me into action. I am grateful that I had my health scare then because I took action and by the time I was 30 I had this lifestyle thing on autopilot.


It took me 6 years of trial and error and all the highs and low (oh the lows) that come with a journey like this.


However, in that process I have been able to help 100's of others achieve the same life-changing results by taking ownership of their health by losing fat, building muscle and sustaining this effortlessly in the long term.

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