I had been weight training and interested in diet and nutrition for probably about 20 years.

Phil is one of my OG clients.


He was in his 30s and had been training since he was 12 (he’s Welsh, that’s normal over there).


When I met him he was at his wits end. He had niggles and kept injuring himself. He was struggling to stay lean with mounting travel and business commitments and had given up hope of building any muscle.

He was literally about to succumb to the sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle that comes with running a digital business out of sheer despair when we met. He was about to give up entirely.


We actually met at an event in Italy that he had organised - a BROcation. Eight guys from different industries in a villa in Italy to brainstorm, hang out and just learn cool shit from each other.


As soon as we met and he heard what I did he signed on to my coaching programme and the rest, as they say, is history.

I thought that I had most of it understood and there wasn't too much I could learn.

I was very, very wrong.

He had tried “clean eating” and keto as well as other diets and had achieved some success with both but nowhere near what he deserved given the effort he was putting in.


He had also tried heavy lifting and any number of programmes from the internet over the years but the only thing he was gaining was injuries.


We stripped everything right back and found his 80/20, allowing him to travel and get into shape at the same time. What’s more, he got back into the gym, stopped getting injured and started to gain some muscle!

And this is what he achieved...

The situation Phil was in before we met is super common.


People overcomplicate this whole health and fitness thing and hit plateaus that can’t be beaten by just ‘working harder’.


If you can find your 80/20 in nutrition and exercise and achieve the necessary mindset shift to maintain it then this process becomes EFFORTLESS.


One thing I didn’t tell you about Phil is that he is a total foodie. For him, it was paramount that he could still enjoy his favourite foods (including Gelato) while being coached.


Indeed, for me, it is fundamental to include foods like this into the process (I insist on it!) to ensure that cravings do not build up and what we are building is sustainable.

I am fortunate to have worked with Phil for around 12 months and over that time we became close friends. He is going from strength to strength and despite running a successful coffee brand both on and in brick and mortar stores ( he has managed to not only stay in shape but improve on what we did when we were working together.


My goal is always long term sustainability. Once people have worked with us, I want them to be fully equipped to keep going forever and never need a coach or fad programme again and Phil has embodied that and taken it to the next level.

Well done brother, onwards and upwards!

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