Before, I felt in a pretty bad situation. I felt lost and I was the heaviest I'd ever been.

Ben runs multiple highly successful eCommerce brands and with living abroad and travelling, he was living the dream lifestyle.


He was however overweight and knew it. 


He’d tried to drop weight in the past and had dropped some weight with keto (which he actually enjoyed to start with) but as soon as he stopped, he gained all the weight back and more (I hear this a lot).


The real issue was that keto was easy enough to sustain at home, with pre-planned meals and a well-stocked fridge. But as soon as there was an event or travel or social occasion it got REALLY tough.

 Then even when he reached his goal weight and went back to eating normally, the weight just piled back on.

I did keto, lost a bunch of weight, stopped and all the weight came back. That's a problem I've always had,

this yo-yo dieting.

He didn’t know how to sustain his new body and there was no way he was going to do keto forever.


To make things worse he had suffered a serious back injury in his 20s which meant that he wasn't able to train in the gym and had pain a lot of the time.


This was where he was at when we met at an Amazon conference run by one of my previous clients in Romania and got chatting.


He was keen to try keto again when I offered magnums and long term sustainability as an alternative. He agreed to try my way to see if it worked.

And I think it's fair to say it did...

He crushed it. There are no other words for it.


He dropped nearly 60lb or 30kg over 9 months. 


While attending business and charity events all over the world...


While moving house in a foreign country...


While having a freaking baby...


And did I mention already that he was running multiple successful eCommerce businesses?

We are still working together 20 months later and although his initial weight loss didn’t involve gym training, he’s since picked it up and TOTALLY CRUSHING IT.

There is no need to go extreme.

You don’t have to train in the gym if you don’t want to.

Your excuses pale compared to what Ben had to overcome.

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